After sustaining a lower back injury several months ago I have been suffering crippling back pains that altered my daily activities and quality of life. I had a constant stabbing, burning pain in my lower back and leg and thigh -so intense they felt like electric shocks. I tried several differing treatment options and a myriad of exercises, but nothing stopped the pain. Although medication would ease the pain to a degree, I still wasn’t able to do the activities I did before my injury. One treatment option I did not try was seeing a chiropractor- so I dropped by Active Approach. The friendly and professional staff walked me through the process and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Andrew McEwan.

The first session with Dr. McEwan exceeded my every expectation-I left feeling great and rejuvenated! After only two sessions with Dr. McEwan and following the recommendations he gave me, I started to feel as I did before my injury. I started to do the activities I did before my injury pain free-I felt like my self again. I wish I had dropped by Active Approach several months ago and started treatment from the onset of my injury as my sessions with Dr. McEwan set me on the path to a speedy recovery. - Abdul 

After 17 years of highland dancing, I started experiencing sharp, piercing pain in the ball of my foot, which would lead to a loss of sensation in my toes.  In time, not only would I experience the pain when I was dancing, but also simply during walking.  Dr. Thompson told me that the source of my pain was coming from the pinching of nerves in my foot, which was also leading to muscle strain in my arch.  He and his highly skilled staff performed low-level laser therapy combined withActive Release Techniques®.  My progress in just a few sessions was amazing; I was no longer experiencing a loss of sensation in my toes, the main source of my concern.  Today, I am on a maintenance program combined with home exercises, but more importantly, I am back to my regular dancing schedule.  Because of Active Approach, I no longer have any reservations about my future as a professional highland dancer. - Janet, Highland Dancer

 After experiencing a chronic running injury for nine years and having sought out treatments from various care providers without long lasting results, I was referred to Dr. Thompson.  He diagnosed me with a chronic sprain of my sacrotuberous ligament and after a number of low-laser therapy treatments and Active Release Techniques®, my injury was gone. The injury I thought would end my running career was cured!  Since the, I have returned to Dr. Thompson whenever I experience an injury and he has kept me on the road. - Theresa

 When I came to Active Approach, I was suffering with pain due to plantar fasciitis. Through diligent diagnosis and treatment, I am happy to say that this pain is no longer a part of my life. Not only was Dr. Thompson and his team able to aid with this recovery, but they were all so helpful in explaining my condition and finding the best course of therapy.  Part of my long term treatment was to incorporate custom-made orthotics. I must say that I was quite the sceptic in this area, but am happy to announce that I am now a very fervent believer!  It is amazing that such steps could result in ultimately taking pain free steps! In addition to this therapy, I must give a special mention to Gillian Scott for her wonderful and highly addictive reflexology treatments.  I am grateful to Dr. Thompson and the Active Approach team for helping me to take a more active approach to my everyday life. - Kelley

 After twisting my ankle resulting in a bad sprain, I received low-level laser therapy and Active Release Techniques®.  Within days, the swelling was down, the bruising was clearing, and within a week I was weight-bearing.  One month after the sprain, I would never have known there had been an injury!  Thank you Dr. Thompson and the staff at Active Approach! - Vera

 My curiosity in the use of low-level laser therapy as an alternative healthcare option led me to Active Approach.  In addition to chronic tendonitis in my left heel, I developed an interdigital neuroma in my right foot.  After only a few treatments combining low-level laser therapy, Active Release Techniques®, and custom-made orthotics, I could see dramatic results.  The treatments are both painless and fast!  The team at Active Approach is always friendly, professional and efficient. - Shealagh M., age 58

After being in a motor vehicle accident several years ago, chiropractic treatment has helped me greatly.  Regular exercise and spinal adjustments from Dr. Thompson provide me with a lot of relief from my back pain.  The staff at Active Approach is wonderful, friendly, and welcoming.  I would recommend Active Approach to anybody! - Bonnie

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