At Active Approach, the Patient Experience is Our Number One Priority

Our mission is to deliver the highest standard in healthcare service to our patients through evidence-informed and patient-centered care, while facilitating achievement of every patient’s health goals through cost-effective, multidisciplinary treatment options tailored to maximizing the patient experience.

  • Fast & Effective Therapeutic Options
  • Evidence-informed, patient-centred care
  • Cost-effective, accessible and convenient treatment delivery
  • Patient education and self-care guidance

Our vision is for every one of our patients to achieve life-changing improvements in their physical abilities by removing functional limitations to their day-to-day lifestyle due to injury, pain, and/or immobility. By providing a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, we maximize available treatment options, ultimately increasing our ability to provide the therapeutic outcomes that patients want and deserve. Providing this therapeutic model as cost-effective and efficiently as possible reduces financial barriers to care and maximizes the rate of recovery from your condition.

Our Story

Since we opened our doors in 2006, continuous improvement of our clinical knowledge and skills to help us meet the needs of our patients has been always at the forefront of our focus.

Meet The Practitioners

Meet the team of experienced healthcare practitioners that follow the Active Approach in helping you achieve all your health and wellness goals.

Dr. Liam Johnston
Dr. Liam JohnstonChiropractor (Halifax)
Functional Integrated Acupuncture
Soft Tissue Therapy
Shockwave Therapy
Dr. Jessica Fitzpatrick
Dr. Jessica FitzpatrickChiropractor (Halifax)
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture
Webster Technique
Shockwave Therapy
Dr. Lauren Quattrocchi
Dr. Lauren QuattrocchiChiropractor (Halifax)
Medical Acupuncture Provider
Myofascial Release Therapy
Shockwave Therapy
Paul Travis
Paul TravisPhysiotherapist (Cape Breton)
Dry Needling
Exercise Rehabilitation
Alex MacPhee
Alex MacPheeRegistered Massage Therapist (Halifax)
Deep Tissue Massage
Cupping Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy
Gillian Scott
Gillian ScottRegistered Massage Therapist (Halifax)
Shiatsu Therapy
Myofascial Release Techniques
Megan White
Megan WhiteRegistered Massage Therapist (Sydney)
Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Dr. Richard Thompson
Dr. Richard ThompsonChiropractor & Clinic Director (Halifax & Sydney)
Active Release Techniques®
Graston Technique®
Shockwave Therapy

Knee pain prevented me from playing the sports I loved. After my knee pain was finally diagnosed and treated successfully using Laser Therapy and Active Release Techniques®, I was able to live my active life to the fullest again. Thank you to the team at Active Approach!

Avid Hiker & Trail Runner

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