• Thorough History
    & Physical Examination
  • Concise Diagnosis
    & Report of Findings
  • Patient-Centred Treatment Plan
  • Fast & Effective Results to Treatment
  • Referral for Diagnostic Imaging
    (If Necessary)

Making an accurate diagnosis of your condition is a critical step to ensure you receive the most time – and cost – effective therapy possible.  Our doctors of chiropractic take the time to discuss your complete health history and perform a thorough physical examination.  Diagnostic imaging such as x-rays can be requisitioned if required, which are covered under your MSI.   We then provide a detailed and specific diagnosis of the condition or injury and discuss the best course of action for treatment.  However, treating the symptoms of the condition doesn’t complete the entire picture.

The goal of chiropractic treatment at Active Approach Health & Wellness Centre is to not only resolve the symptoms of your condition, but to also help you make the necessary changes to help prevent future re-occurrence of the problem.  Sometimes this requires very minor modifications, while other times it can be more of an in-depth process.  However, examining the various factors in your life that may have contributed to the injury helps you take control of your well-being and promote an injury-free, active lifestyle.

Our doctors of chiropractic are trained in several therapeutic techniques which are tailored to your optimal treatment plan.  In addition to the traditional physical and manual therapies, we regularly employ Active Release Techniques®, Low-Low Laser Therapy, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, and Functional Range Condition based on your specific treatment needs. On every visit, your progress with recovery is assessed and additional home care protocols, such as stretches, exercises and heat/cold therapy, for example, are provided to optimize the speed of your healing. By implementing the Active Approach with our treatment protocols, we make sure no aspect of your work or personal life contributing to your condition or injury goes unaddressed.

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