“The Active Approach is about engaging and educating the patient to help them take control of their healthcare goals”

Maria Gehue is a recent graduate from Dalhousie University Masters of Science in Physiotherapy Program. She believes that rehabilitation is a complex entity which responds best in collaboration with other health care professionals.

Maria received her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, with honours, from Memorial University. Her research focused on Stroke Rehabilitation, which ultimately lead her towards pursing a career in physiotherapy. Her passion lives with helping individuals improve their quality of life, manage their pain, and regain independence.

As a new graduate, Maria has a wealth of knowledge around movement patterning and is eager to begin her practice. Her schooling fuelled a new appreciation for manual therapy and the ability to feel movement dysfunction. Her love of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the human body, is what makes her passionate about her career. She has already began to expand her knowledge, recently taking a Movement System Impairment Syndromes course offered by Shirley Sahrmann. This approach focuses on critiquing movement patterning and altering the dysfunction through active movement. Maria has been certified in Dry Needling. This skill uses acupuncture needles to treat trigger points found in muscles. It is a technique that provides instant relief of many patterns of pain. In addition, she also has the skill set to provide Neuro-Proprioceptive Taping to her clients.

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